Geography 970

February 9, 2010

The giant, tiny world we live in

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I have been looking around at different twitter clients, blogs, and web-chatter regarding the geo data from each type of twitter client.  Along the way I’ve begun following a dozen developers.  (By the way they all have much more exciting lives than me.)  So here we are trying to answer questions in our class, but as it turns out, most of the professionals are wondering the same things.

Hearing (or rather, reading the tweets from) developers is kind of comforting because I see that they complain about the same sort of software bugs and frustrating api aspects that give me no end of frustration.  I am coming to find this feature of twitter to be very strange.  I had always thought of the ‘web’ as something created in the office parks of Santa Clara by anonymous, cubicle-dwelling geeks.  Turns out, these are pretty interesting people with hobbies and senses of humor.  Twitter has let me look into the lives of people thousands of miles away, and made the ‘web’ seem smaller and more humane.  Interesting.

Oh.  What did I find about twitter clients?

The numbers are difficult to crunch because, surprise, surprise, the api doesn’t strictly enforce the client element.  For ease and general accuracy, I like this one:

Tweetdeck has gotten some good press about their column-based UI.  Apparently it’s a pretty big break from IM and comment-based UIs:

And, of course, Google might just trounce everybody:


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