Geography 970

February 7, 2010

Location-based Mobile Game

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Location-based services are very common nowadays, but most of the applications are “real-world based”, such as recommending hotels and displaying weather information based on one’s location.

As an important part of entertainment, most video games create a virtual world (maps) for people.

How about integrating real world with virtual world?

Nokia released the first location-based mobile game “Ovi Maps Racing” recently. It integrates game and real-world map together. People can use GPS to navigate to their location or choose their favorite location using a navigation map and then play racing car there!

I think the technology itself may not be very innovative, but the idea is pretty cool. In fact, this can be taken as a “mashup”. For game players, their sense of reality increases since they are in their familiar streets or in a city where they want to visit. On the other hand, it “augments” people’s geographic knowledge in a natural and implicit way.



  1. That is cool. It reminds me a little bit of a couple of experiences I had about 5 years ago with using DEMs in games. My first encounters with geospatial information were in playing Transport Tycoon and Simcity 4, both of which let you take elevation models and import them, so that you could build cities and transport networks on representations of your hometown, etc.

    Comment by Daniel Huffman — February 8, 2010 @ 2:28 pm

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