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January 31, 2010

Geoweb Resources for Treasure Hunters

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association has long been the keeper of a huge chunk of US offshore data. Their fleet of ships carrying all kinds of scientists have been mapping bathymetry, hazards and wrecks for decades. Until recently, however, getting to that data wasn’t exactly as easy as pie.

Nowadays NOAA charts and locational data are freely available for download and implementation in any kind of geographic visualization. The charts can be downloaded as GIS-friendly raster files through NOAA’s Raster Navigational Charts site. Similarly, locations of known wrecks and obstructions can be downloaded in tabular format through the Office of Coast Survey’s Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System (AWOIS) and easily converted to points on a map.

While some agencies  – in an effort to preserve our maritime heritage – are tentative (at best) about publishing locational data for wrecks, NOAA has made it – well, as easy as pie to find a shipwreck.

Two Links

NOAA charts on Google Maps

AWOIS wrecks and obstructions KML (this is a download)


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